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Avoiding Capital Gains Tax is still one of the hottest real estate topics in the Peninsula these days, but many people still believe that they have to wait for the death of a spouse. 

In this presentation, we will look at some of the best strategies for dealing with capital gains taxes. Once we understand the strategy(ies) that will work best for you in your unique situation, we can hook you up with one or more of our experts. In order to register yourself and/or your adult children, please call Zee at 650-719-7991 or fill out the registration form above.

We have three guest speakers this month, CPA Matt Dennis, 1031 Exchange expert Ron Ricard and MetLife rep Angel Viera. Our CPA, Matt Dennis, will be taking questions on how the different strategies impact your capital gains tax.

Please remember, however, that all information offered will be for educational purposes. Please consult your own professionals before engaging in any strategy.

Many of our readers have owned their homes for many years and paid a small fraction of what they’re worth today, and because of all of this appreciation, the capital gains taxes can be huge, sometimes exceeding a million dollars or more. This huge tax is having the effect of trapping them in their homes when they’d really like to move on with their lives. Don’t miss this chance to explore some great options for keeping your money and living where you’d like.


Joe Metz

Joe Metz is a Realtor, Author and Developer, and takes a consultative approach in helping senior homeowners get the best price for their homes while minimizing their capital gains tax. When the time is right for you to sell your house, he will analyze your unique situation and recommend the right team of experts to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

Angel Viera

Angel Viera, California native with over 25 years in the industry providing clients with tax-free and tax-deferred growth options for their unique situation. Providing relative information for people to make informed decisions along with their legal and tax experts.

Ron Ricard

Ron Ricard is designated as a Certified Exchange Specialist®, one of fewer than 110 people nationwide who currently carry that certification. Since 2002, Ron has taught 1031 Exchange accredited courses to over 30,000 investors, real estate agents and others.

Matthew Dennis

Matthew Dennis is a CPA and Financial Advisor who works with individuals, families, and businesses helping them get fresh eyes on their financial future. He bridges the gaps between your tax advisor and your investment strategies. Born and raised here in the SF Bay Area, he knows the benefits and challenges of living (and retiring) in a high tax state.

Live at Moldaw Residences in Palo Alto
on Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 1:00 PM

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We talk with a lot of senior homeowners every day and they have so many questions about taxes. Helping them sell their houses is my main area of expertise but many of them need to have these tax facts before they can decide.
Here’s what I get asked a lot:
1. How much will my Capital Gains tax be?
2. Why do I need a Living Trust?
3. What if I die before my spouse, what will the tax impact on her be?
4. How does stepped-up basis work?
5. If I rent my house out, what happens to my $250,000 / $500,000 exclusion?
6. What are the ways to reduce or defer my Capital Gains Tax?
7. And so many more…
To get an approximate idea of what your capital gains tax will be,

Once you’ve estimated your tax, I want you to know that there are four ways
to defer or minimize it. Learn more in this free presentation coming up
on April 25th at 1:00 PM live at Moldaw Residences in Palo Alto.

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